Springfield Rise

Springfield Lakes is part of Australia’s largest master-planned community. At 2850 hectares it’s more than half the size of Cairns.


The development includes 855 hectares of hike and bike trails, playgrounds and proposed lakes. Construction of the curved concrete walls of Promenade Falls was a challenge that Eureka Landscapes solved in a unique way. Using an off-form concrete liner purchased in Germany, and precision placing of steel re-enforcement to ensure the designed curve, we achieved a stunning result.

A stone capping with a stainless steel edge allowed uniform cascading of the water. Our landscaping of the surrounding area, including the pumping system for the falls, complemented the spectacular feature.


A very different challenge was the interactive play areas of the 3.5-hectare Grande Park adjacent to the community’s Park Edge village. We constructed picnic shelters, a children’s playground, kick-about area, multi-purpose courts, skate track, tennis courts, community stage, mountain bike and BMX track, and hike and bike trails.