Australian Catholic University (ACU)

The works carried out at the ACU Banyo campus include the complete revitalisation of the Community Court with a historically sensitive approach, the comprehensive revitalisation of the St. Francis Courtyard and the construction of the new Journey Works access route.


The Community Court works included the thorough demolition of all works, re-profiling and installation of a selection of premium pedestrian pavement treatments sensitive to the Chapel and historic data for the project site. Additional works included the installation of some of the finest turf to the open court, new feature gardens with rare roses, custom furniture, a vehicular access pavement through the courtyard and around the new T building, as well as up-lighting to the Chapel.

The St. Francis Courtyard works included the complete demolition of all works, significant re-profiling and the installation of a formal courtyard complete with various pavement finishes, access paths, stairs, feature gardens and a pair of unique Blackbutt timber shade trellis structures.

The Journey Works portion included a new vehicle and pedestrian access link between the main university building, the Indigenous gardens, the pool and the newly expanded car parking areas including automated, light-sensitive illumination.