Brightwater Estate

The Brightwater development is a green oasis and lovely meeting place for the local community.

Project Description

Set in the heart of the Mooloolah National Park, this 215-hectare Brightwater development features two large conservation zones and eight pocket parks nestled throughout the neighbourhood. The beautiful 12-hectare lake in the heart of the Brightwater community is a meeting place for the local community.

Eureka Landscapes Project Details  

Brightwater Central Park is the major focal point of the initial stage, featuring playgrounds for toddlers to teens, and pavilions for family and community events. The park, costing more than $1 million, was constructed in 8 weeks. We needed all our planning and co-ordination skills to complete the project, which included levels and drainage, stone cladding and honed concrete on vertical and horizontal surfaces, steel fabrication and installation, and soft landscaping.

Eureka Landscapes will have constructed 34 out of the 36 stages of landscape works packages in this development