Sports Park, Gainsborough

Gainsborough Greens is located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, nestled around the Gainsborough Greens Golf Course with extensive green open spaces.

Eureka Landscapes Project Details  

The Sports Park provides families in the Gainsborough Green development, with a large public open space [adjacent the sporting fields]. The park was designed and constructed under the theme of sport, creating a space that is complimentary to the neighbouring fields. This park is suitable for people of all ages, including shelters and seating for the parents. Multiple concrete pathways, shelters, play equipment, BBQ facilities, create a family friendly park for all ages.

Eureka Landscapes was contracted by MIRVAC to complete the following works; Site preparation, Instalment of concrete/pavers, fencing, shelters and structures, playground and exercise equipment. Finally, all of the soft landscaping works were conducted by Eureka’s construction crew.